Kunshan Yuejue Educational Equipment Co., Ltd. is strategically situated in the Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, a prestigious state-level development zone sanctioned by the State Council of China. In response to our burgeoning need for expansion, Jiangsu Yuejue Educational Equipment Co., Ltd. was inaugurated in 2019 within the Bali Industrial Park, located in Suining County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Our expansive production base spans over 33,000 square meters.

At the core of our operations, we are dedicated to furnishing comprehensive educational equipment solutions tailored for academic institutions. Our ethos is centered on fostering high-caliber teaching environments, thereby cultivating comfortable, secure, and stimulating learning spaces for educators and students alike. Our suite of services encompasses program design, spatial layout planning, visual presentation, and the development of holistic educational programs. From the inception of project planning to the culmination of construction, we offer professional and reliable services, ensuring a seamless execution. We place paramount importance on the safety, professionalism, and environmental sustainability of our products, guaranteeing that our solutions adeptly meet the diverse needs of educational settings.


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